Regular campsite is already fully booked!

The interest in this year's festival is greater than ever and the regular campsite is already fully booked! This applies to both caravans, mobile homes and tents.
This then means that we will extend the campsite and make it twice as big as before. This means that those of you who book your places now end up in the new part of the campsite, but it is still very close to the festival area.

The name of the new campsite will be CAMP EXTENSION. The fact that we are extending the campsite also means that we are extending the amenities. We know what you want and trust that we have full control!
Considering how quickly everything is booked this year, both in terms of campsites and ticket sales, we recommend those of you who already know that you are going to the festival to buy your ticket and campsite now. We will close the door when we have sold as many tickets as we think we can, without renouncing the conviviality!

Welcome to Sweden's most enjoyable rock festival!


Tickets & Camping

Time To Rock 2025 Next year, Time To Rock will be July-4-7!
Published 13 July 2024 at 13:47
Aldo Nova signing session! We know that many of you will come to us on July 7 to check out Aldo Nova. We also know that MANY have asked for a signing as it is the first time ever that he plays in Sweden. Aldo has said that he does not want to do signings before the gig to save his voice before the gig. Then we, together with Aldo, have decided that we will keep the festival area open for an extra half an hour on Sunday and there will be a signing with Aldo Nova at 01.00-01.30. Everything for our audience! An extra...
Published 28 June 2024 at 20:25
Wardrobe/Valuable storage During the festival, there will be a Wardrobe/Valuables storage. It will be located near the entrance, but not in direct connection, as this is not allowed by the police. However, it will still be close and good! This is run by the same gang that for many years ran this at Sweden Rock. The cost of leaving your belongings there is SEK 70 per day. Then you can pick up and drop off as often as you like. They prefer that you hand in everything in a bag/backpack/bag so that it is not just loose items. We hope this will be...
Published 26 June 2024 at 16:36
Download the running order as a pdf. Now you can download the running order as a pdf.
Published 13 June 2024 at 09:26
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