Welcome to our festival campsite, which is located close to the festival area.

The campsite is run in collaboration with the sports association IFK Knislinge. All the facilities are here, such as showers, kiosks and a bunch of lovely staff who make sure that all residents have a good time.

There is a shared barbecue area in the area. Toilets in the shape of Bajamajor.

Unfortunately, there are no electric places available.


The campsite opens at 09.00 on Friday 5 July and closes at 12.00 on Tuesday 9 July (Reception closes at 11.00)

After 21.00 it is mandatory to wear a camping wristband to enter the campsite. Until then, it is free to stay in the camping area.



We do not have special motorcycle camping, but if you buy TENT CAMPING, you are allowed to park your motorcycle next to the tent free of charge.



Caravan or mobile home pitch: SEK 700 for the pitch + SEK 200 per person. Valid for the entire festival.
RV pitch XL (over 8 metres): SEK 750 for the pitch + SEK 200 per person. Valid for the entire festival.
Tent camping: 300 SEK for the tent site and 200 SEK per person. Valid for the entire festival.

Service fee from Ticketmaster is added to the price.


You buy the camp site via Ticketmaster, but you buy the wristbands for each person on site.





- Camping only allowed in designated places. Campsite hosts designate a place for setting up a tent or caravan/mobile home.

- Grilling is only carried out in designated places.

- Party tents 3 x 3 meters are allowed. It is not permitted to use party tents as sleeping tents.

- You may not bring furniture, generators, electrical equipment, refrigerators, gas stoves, candles, mopeds and pets into the campsite.

- We do not provide electricity at the campsite.

- The caravan/mobile home camping is on a separate part of the festival camping. Only caravans and mobile homes will be allowed to use this part.

- Only mobile homes and caravans are approved. You may not use your regular car as a sleeping place. It is our assessment that determines whether your vehicle is approved or not. If you are unsure, it probably isn't.

- You can park next to your caravan.

- You can not use awnings..

- We do not provide power for caravans and mobile homes.

Cooking and grilling

- Cooking and grilling may only take place at the public barbecue area on the campsite. If you have a fixed kitchen in your caravan or mobile home, you may use it for cooking.

- Otherwise, there is a total ban on fires and grilling. Violation will result in immediate eviction from the area.


If you plan to drive to the festival, there are a few different car parks to choose from, but it is not possible to book in advance. It is fine to stop outside the campsite and unload, but you are not allowed to park nearby.



There will be toilets, showers for a small fee in IFK Knislinge's clubhouse about 100 m from the campsite. There will also be a small cafe where you can buy food and charge your mobile phone. You must bring your own charger.

Please note that you leave the phone with us, you do not have access to the wall socket yourself. So you cannot use this for hair dryers, curling irons, or the like.

We as a festival take no responsibility for submitted telephones, computers or other things, which are the responsibility of IFK Knislinge.



We appreciate it if our visitors avoid bringing glass bottles to the campsite.

We are also grateful if you can pick up rubbish after you. Contact the campsite hosts and you will receive garbage bags for free.

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