Address to the festival

Time To Rock Festival is held in Knislinge Folkets Park

Knislinge is located in the northeast part of the county of Skåne in southern Sweden (2 hours by car from the Malmö/Copenhagen area). Beautiful located at the banks of Helge Å (River), only 20 km from the bigger cities Kristianstad and Hässleholm.


Address is:
Knislinge Folkets Park
Parkgatan 7
289 33 Knislinge

GPS : 56.1931, 14.0953


Take the train to the festival!

Closest train stations are Hässleholm (20 km west) & Kristianstad (20 km south)
From these cities you can reach Knislinge by buss and then you have a 10 minute walk to the festival area.
You can take a train straight from Copenhagen Airport to both Hässleholm and Kristianstad.
We recommend KRISTIANSTAD as tere are more and better connections with bus from there to the festival site.


For more information about trains and busses: Skånetrafiken (at their site you can choose to translate the page)



Why not take the bus to the festival?!
From the buss station in Knislinge you have a 10 minute walk to the festival area.
For more information, go to Skånetrafiken (you can translage their pages on the site)


Extra busses from and to Kristianstad will be added as soon as we have the running order for all bands!


There are two different parking lots for our visitors located at Hjärsåsvägen. Just follow the signs when you get to Knislinge. Less than 400 meters walk to the festival area.

Parking for disabled is located close to the festival area.

 (Knislinge Folkets Park, Parkgatan 7, 289 33 Knislinge.)

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