Monday July 8

The word legendary is easy to throw around, but in this case it really is justified. The famous swedish childrens rock band, Electric Banana Band has entertained several generations since its formation in 1980 and it is still the epic trio Lasse Åberg (famous Swedish film maker and artist), Janne Schaffer (Swedish guitar hero playing for ABBBA among others) and Klasse Möllberg (Sweden's best Banarnee ever) who stand at the forefront and deliver hit after hit. Earlier in their career, the band has played acclaimed gigs at, among others, Hultsfredsfestivalen in 1997 and Sweden Rock in 2014, and now it is time for Time To Rock in Knislinge to be visited by this eminent band and songs such as "Min Piraya Maya", "Banankontakt" , "Zvampen", "Electric Banana Band" etc. will sound over Östra Göinge and we expect you all to be there. This will be pure magic!

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