Saturday July 6

Murasaki is a Japanese hard rock band, started in Okinawa back in 1970. You don't have to be a big music connoisseur to discover that the band has taken inspiration from Deep Purple, not least musically. But it's not something the band tries to hide in any way, on the contrary. The English translation of the word Murasaki is… Purple. Mursaki released the first self-titled record in 1976, the following year saw the follow-up "Impact" and the following year the band closed down. However, a number of live and compilation albums have been released during the hiatus. The big reunion came in 2007 and from the 70s we find keyboardist George Murasaki (who, of course, plays on a classic Hammond), drummer Chibi and guitarists GG & Kiyomasa Higa. New arrivals in 2007 are bassist Chris and singer JJ. Three albums have been recorded during the reunion period. The latest one came out this year and is called "Timeless", which shows exactly this, rock is wonderfully timeless. We are more than proud to have them at Time To Rock. You just shouldn't miss this! Only show in Sweden!

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