Toy Dolls (UK)

With song titles as "Nellie the Elephant", "Spiders in the Dressing Room" and "How do you Deal with Neal" you might think this is some kind of English "Mora Träsk", but no. Toy Dolls is a punk band with a humoristic image, started back in 1979 by "Michael "Olga" Algar. Besides "Olga" the band consists of Duncan "The Amazing Mr Duncan" Redmond (drums) and Tom "Tommy Goober" Blyth. Together. Back in 1979 punk was ANGER and DISPLEASURE and in the middle of this came Toy Dolls and spead JOY. And this is exactly what they will do in Knislinge next summer. Spreading JOY and HAPPINESS. Trust us on that one! Legends!

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