If you want to have full control of when our 45 bands on three stages are playing, delve into this year's lineup, find general info, get updates from the festival, bond with other fans and even be able to tailor your own festival schedule with gigs and related activities, then this possible this year thanks to a collaboration with a new app called Bandbond!

Bandbond is a Swedish initiative and is based in Gothenburg. In addition to their festival tool, in the app you can follow your favorite bands to get all the updates, you can find a global concert calendar and you can follow new record releases - if you don't just want to talk hard rock in the app's passionate community, of course.

The app's latest feature is a tool for hard rock festivals and their visitors. They have worked with great success with both Swedish and international festivals such as Gefle Metal Festival, Ruhrpott Metal Meeting (GER) and Takedown Festival (UK), etc. The goal is for the audience to be able to use one and the same app regardless of which festival they visit.


Time To Rock is in place in the app and it looks awesome. So download Bandbond already now for pep and updates before our glorious days in July!


Download Bandbond: 

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