Back Street Crawler. The band plays on!

The story about Back Street Crawler is of course mainly a story about one of the most influential guitar players of all times, Paul Kossoff (1950-1976). First a member of the ground breaking and legendary band FREE, Kossoff moved on to form Back Street Crawler with singer Terry Slesser. The name of the band was taken from the title of a previous solo album by Kossoff. The story of the band is unfortunately rather short, because after two studio albums, Kossoff died in 1976. He was only 25 years old. Some of the band members continued to play together under the name Crawler, who also released two studio albums, but in 1978 the band broke up for good. Until now! We move forward to 2022 when original Back Street Crawler vocalist Terry Slesser, together with guitar player extraordinaire, John Buckton, decided to breath life into Back Street Crawler again and record a brand new album. A band, besides Slesser and Buckton, consisting of highly acclaimed musicians Rhino Edwards (Status Quo, ex Dexys Midnight Runners) (Bass), Clive Edwards (ex UFO, ex Pat Travers, ex Wild Horses etc) (Drums) and Mark Taylor (ex Simple Minds, ex The Alarm, Ex Elton John etc) (Keys) went into the studio, and the result is nothing but amazing. The album, called "Rome in a Day", will be released in 2023, but before that, the single and a video of the song "Rome In a Day" will see the light of day early 2023. "We have played together for a long time, honouring the memory of Paul, under the name "Paul Kossoff...the band plays on". But we have talked about making new music together, and now we are finally here and I am thrilled", says Terry Slesser. "An extra bonus is that some of the songs on the album is co-written by John "Rabbit" Bundrick, also a member of the band back in the seventies and he will also guest on the album. This album is for sure a tribute to the man, but also a new fresh start for us. We might be older, but we still have that burning desire to create new music and I am sure you will hear that while listening to the album", Slesser says with a big smile.

Download the running order as a pdf. Now you can download the running order as a pdf.
Published 13 June 2024 at 09:26
LION'S SHARE replaces Jean Beauvoir Unfortunately, we have to announce that Jean Beauvoir will not be coming to us this summer as he was in a car accident and injured his back. As always, health comes first. Jean has promised us to come to Time To Rock next year, so we hope for a speedy recovery. Further down you can see an email from Jean. Lion's Share was formed in Sundsvall as early as 1987, but relocated to Stockholm with Kay Backlund (keyboard) and Lars Chriss (guitar) as central figures. The first album was called "Lion's Share" and came out in 1994. The group has had...
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The Anti-Queens cancel. Scarlet steps in! Scarlet is the name of the alternative metal duo that stirred this year's Melodifestivalen ( Sweden's qualification contest for Eurovision) pot together with Smash Into Pieces. Scarlet made it as far as the finals with "Circus X", which shows that their theatrical rock went home in the cottages. The two anonymous front figures call themselves Scarlet Hunts and Thirsty and are made up like skeletons and vampires respectively. Scarlet was started in 2018 and with only a couple of singles on Spotify, they were on Sweden's big festival stages in 2019, including the Sweden Rock Festival. That gig made Scarlet a...
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THE RODS TO REPLACE METAL CHURCH American, classic metal from the 80s, fronted by singer and guitarist David Feinstein - The Rods! Between 1967 and 1973, David Feinstein was in the band Elf with his cousin, Ronnie James Dio. David managed to quit the band before Elf became classic Rainbow and around 1980 he formed and drummer Carl Canedy THE RODS, which was a much harder band than the two previously mentioned. One can find similarities with both Saxon and Manowar. The band had a hiatus between 1986 and 2010, but has since the reunion been all the time active. In addition to David and Carl, the...
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