Back Street Crawler. The band plays on!

The story about Back Street Crawler is of course mainly a story about one of the most influential guitar players of all times, Paul Kossoff (1950-1976). First a member of the ground breaking and legendary band FREE, Kossoff moved on to form Back Street Crawler with singer Terry Slesser. The name of the band was taken from the title of a previous solo album by Kossoff. The story of the band is unfortunately rather short, because after two studio albums, Kossoff died in 1976. He was only 25 years old. Some of the band members continued to play together under the name Crawler, who also released two studio albums, but in 1978 the band broke up for good. Until now! We move forward to 2022 when original Back Street Crawler vocalist Terry Slesser, together with guitar player extraordinaire, John Buckton, decided to breath life into Back Street Crawler again and record a brand new album. A band, besides Slesser and Buckton, consisting of highly acclaimed musicians Rhino Edwards (Status Quo, ex Dexys Midnight Runners) (Bass), Clive Edwards (ex UFO, ex Pat Travers, ex Wild Horses etc) (Drums) and Mark Taylor (ex Simple Minds, ex The Alarm, Ex Elton John etc) (Keys) went into the studio, and the result is nothing but amazing. The album, called "Rome in a Day", will be released in 2023, but before that, the single and a video of the song "Rome In a Day" will see the light of day early 2023. "We have played together for a long time, honouring the memory of Paul, under the name "Paul Kossoff...the band plays on". But we have talked about making new music together, and now we are finally here and I am thrilled", says Terry Slesser. "An extra bonus is that some of the songs on the album is co-written by John "Rabbit" Bundrick, also a member of the band back in the seventies and he will also guest on the album. This album is for sure a tribute to the man, but also a new fresh start for us. We might be older, but we still have that burning desire to create new music and I am sure you will hear that while listening to the album", Slesser says with a big smile.

Celtic Frost Box Competition Win the ultimate Celtic Frost collection, Danse Macabre and an exclusive art card signed by Tom G Warrior. This super deluxe box set includes all the albums and EPs from the classic period of the band and spans from their debut release, Morbid Tales (1984) to the avant-garde classic, Into The Pandemonium (1987). Containing deluxe colour editions of all the releases from this crucial period of the band across eight pieces of vinyl. The box set also includes 'A Morbid Tale', the definitive story of these classic records told through new interviews with Tom G Warrior and Reed St Mark. Other...
Published 29 May 2023 at 09:08
Unique art exhibition at this years festival Antecedent Death Aesthetics Of Mortality - A Death Mask Project By Tom Gabriel Warrior The fury captured in the music by Swiss groups Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon ranks among the most pivotal influences on the extreme, black, gothic, doom and avant- garde metal genres. The common thread linking these bands is founding member and main songwriter, Tom Gabriel Warrior (née Tom Gabriel Fischer, voice/guitars). Concurrently primitive yet curiously intricate, Warrior's compositions evoke stark and compelling vistas reminiscent of writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Aleister Crowley, and Charles Baudelaire. Lyrically, Warrior delves into all areas associated with civilizations crumbling...
Published 28 April 2023 at 12:14
Stay at hotel during Time To Rock this summer? Maybe living in a tent, caravan or mobile home isn't your thing when you're at a festival. Then there are still hotel rooms left in Kristianstad (20km). There are buses going out to the festival throughout the day and at night we put in extra tours so everyone gets home to their comfortable hotel bed. Check out the link below to learn more.
Published 7 April 2023 at 10:29
Smash Into Pieces and Diamond Head to replace Bourbon Boys och Angel Witch Unfortunately, we have to announce that two booked bands will not be coming to us this summer. Bourbon Boys who sadly couldn't get their summer schedule together and Angel Witch who writes as follows: "We are sorry to report that, as with our 2022 live run, Angel Witch have been forced to cancel our summer shows in 2023 due to continuing issues well beyond the band's control. We hate to disappoint our fans and let down the promoters who have put their faith in us yet again and no one is more frustrated and upset than the band themselves about this...
Published 15 March 2023 at 09:23
3-day tickets with pre-party included sold out Now the first 3000 3-day with the pre-party included is over and we have released regular 3-day/3-day VIP We have now also released a "Pre-party ticket" which costs SEK 250 + advance purchase fee. Since we will only have one area open and one stage running on this day, we will only have a total of 4000 people inside the pre-party, so only 1000 pre-party tickets will be released. At our pre-party we will have five bands playing: Local favorites SLAKKTEN, the band THE CRYPT who are doing their first ever festival gig and will be something of a horse. We...
Published 3 March 2023 at 08:53
Complete running order! Now we have the complete running order up (except for the s slots that will be for the bands in our band comeptition) Click here for the complete running order!
Published 20 January 2023 at 19:29
KK's PRIEST confirmed - only show in Sweden In 1969, the first edition of one of the world's biggest bands within the New Wave of British Heavy Metal - Judas Priest - was formed. One of the founders was guitarist KK Downing. KK was in the band until 2011 and over the years, he was one of the songwriters for most of the metal world's biggest songs as "Breaking the Law", "Living After Midnight" and "Painkiller". After KK left Judas Priest, he has not been very active as a musician. He has made a few guest appearances on records and some occasional live performances but not more than that....
Published 9 January 2023 at 08:58
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