Masterplan (Ger)

Roalnd Grapow was playing guitar in Helloween for the entire 90s. When he quit the band after "The Dark Ride" (2000), Grapow and his old drummer colleague, Uli Kusch started Masterplan in 2001. For the first eponymous debut album they had Norwegian singer Jorn Lande in the band along with session musicians. For the second album "Aeronautics" they had a complete band, among them kyboard wizzard Axel Mackenrott, who is the only one left in the band along with Grapow from that era. Since 2012 the band consists of bass player Jari Kainulainen and singer Rick Altzi. Kainulainen previous played in bands like Stratovarious and Evergrey and Rick Altzi played Time To Rock last year with Gathering of Kings.
Since 2016 drummer Kevin Tott joined the band and this line-up recorded and released the album "PumpKings" a cover album with Helloween songs that Grapow wrote during his time in the band. Hopefully Masterplan will play a few of those songs so you can hear how Grapow wanted the songs to sound! Power metal at it's best . MASTERPLAN!

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